The three people you see above are what this web site is about.  They are the three scumb bageteers as I call them.  For those of you who are new to this website keep coming back. I will keep adding things as I have time.  I guess if there was a theme I would have to say how can any daughters do this to their mother who has done everything for them. Don, this is just the beginning.  Ellen look at your mother's handwriting and tell me, do you really want to go there. 



Hello Don & Ellen:


Now that I have retired I have cleared my desk to deal with you.  Needless to say I was shocked to find out from Oleta that you had ripped her off of every penny of her money and left her with nothing.  So I hired an investigator and sure enough you did.  I am going to keep this letter very simple and dispense with what I should do to you and explain to you what your options are going to be in this matter.


Because of the number of times you signed Oleta’s name to legal documents without her knowledge or permission and also the abuse of your Power of Attorney at the time, we met with the District Attorney’s office in Crisp County.  They have agreed to take the case.  But this will not do your Mother-n-Law or your family any good.  So here are your other options.  As far as we can tell you took without permission $600,000.  So you canOleta_3.jpg agree to pay her back.  If you don’t agree we will have to decide to take this matter into Civil Court or let Crisp County deal with you.  As a side note a civil trial is going to bring out a lot of personal things you have done in your life that I don’t think you want to come out.


Should you or Ellen decide to harass Oleta you will leave me no choice.  So don’t even  think about it.


I said I was going to keep this letter strictly business, but I have to ask!  What have you and Ellen been telling your children about why they can’t see their Grandmother?  Also, Ellen did you know your mother is destitute and doesn’t even have enough to live on from month to month.