2/01/16  I haven't added anything for a while.  But I will start updating from this point on.  I got a call from my sister Joey.  She arrived home in Cordele and Mom was complaining of a pain in her lower left abdoman.  Joey took her to the emergency room and it turned out there was a large mass in her colon.  

We arrived in Cordele Friday morning.  The trip from hell because of rain and wrecks. She has lost about 15 pounds.  She is not very big in the first place.  It does not look good.  

Joey suggested we fly her to Dallas to see a colon specialist.  That is what we are going to do.  So far no one has used the "C" word but at 88 years old we don't know.  

2/6/16  Mom wanted me to help her re-do her will.  It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.  We got it done.  She told me that what hurts her most is Beneta and Ellen have kept the grandchildren from seeing her.  She said I have done nothing to them.  Fran has called to speak to her.  Sybil and Pam are here.

2/07/16  Gail has found out and is coming to see her today.

2/24/16  Mom is getting worse.  We are suppose to fly her out this week but the mass has gotten worse and has cancer.  They are putting in a drain to keep it from getting into the rest of her body today.

2/24/16  Just found out today that Don and Ellen, for which this website is about, sold their home in Atlanta and bought a 5 bedroom 5 bath home in Destin Florida. The address is 4117 Indian Trail Destin, Florida.  While their Mother is destitute they are living the good life.  That qualifies them as scumbags.  

2/24/16  Just got a call from Joey that my mom was out of surgery and the infection was draining out of her body.  They felt she would be strong enough to fly to Dallas for the Robotic surgery.  We are blessed that my youngest sister Joey is there to help her though this ordeal.  I will be flying into Dallas on Tuesday.

2/27/16  Joey flew mom to Dallas today. 

2/28/16  Joey and Cliff took her to the William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital where Joey had her surgery.  They were waiting for her at the emergency room door literarly.  This hospital is state of the art.  

3/01/16  I flew to Dallas today.  Just as we walked in her doctor happened to be in the room.  Dr. Mac Hoty as Joey calls him.  Dr. Farshid Araghizadeh.  He said the some of the colon has to come out and mom would have to wear a bag.  She got upset.  It was hard on us all but we were brave.  We stayed close to her until the surgery Wednesday.

3/2/16  The surgery only lasted less than 2 hours.  It was a success.  The doctor said she was very strong.

3/3/16  She is weak but alive.  

3/4/16  Every day progressing.  Trying to eat soldid foods.  Taking her off of pain meds.  Sitting up.

3/05/16  Eating some solid foods.  Every day is better.  I have decided I am not needed here.   I will fly back to Florida.  Mom is in good hands with Joey.

3/08/16  Joey told me this morning that she is over qualified for rehabilitation. Amazing.

3/13/16  They are going to release her Monday the 14th.  We have decided she is better off back in Cordele.  She is getting around very well.  The good news is the doctor thinks he can re-attach the colon in about 5 months.

3/21/16  This is what my sister Joey posted on Facebook:  It feels so great to have Mom back in her apartment. Her sister my aunt Sybil and my cousin Pam Dixon were sweet and drove to Atlanta to pick us up from the airport and we love you guys and thank for everything you do for us!! She was greeted by her friends Ms. Joyce, Ms Betty, Ms Loretta and even Roger the maintenance man had to come see her they all love her dearly and they sat in her living room and chatted with her and she was happy! It's so true what people say... When t...hings get tough you really do find out who genuinely cares and it doesn't matter if it's blood or not! Ellen and Beneta should be ashamed, but i truly don't believe they are. To know your mother has been fighting colon cancer and not reaching out to her after being told she wanted to hear from them is beyond anything i can understand. I have never put that out there and I'm sorry if that offends anyone, but it's embarrassing how they are treating her or lack of, but Mom's strong and has a Christian and forgiving heart but that doesn't make the heartache go away! It's sad to watch it really is. Mom is a fighter and she is ready to see Booger, Hannah and Forrest ready to meet the new baby Kriston and Ashley just as much as I am! And I can't wait to love all over my sweet grand babies and steal all that sugar Kelly! Thank you Kelly for your constant texts and contact with me. It really meant alot to to have that home attachment while i was up there alone! Thank you Ray for being there with me in Dallas while things were touch and go with Mom! I knew she could pull through but it was so nice having you there with me i wasn't so scared with you there! I love you! Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers I'm glad we're home and that hospital y'all... It's amazing!!! So amazing I miss everyone there!! There is peace in the house tonight! Thank you God!

5/4/16  Gail wanted me to post this for her:   

About the year 2005, or so l discovered that Don and Ellen were abusing Mama's funds. 


I alerted you. I cried, yelled, screamed, nothing was done.  Shortly after that Ellen and Don stuck our mother in a low rent apartment and deserted her. Don agreed to send her $500.00 per month and she is still waiting for the first payment. They now live in a big house in Florida and Don's mother is living with them and our mother is still living in the apartment they stuck her in. Whenever I talked to her she would ask why don't my other children ever call me.

She recently became seriously ill and Joey has been taking care of her for the last few months. I commend her for that. Ray and Pam have made many trips to help with our mother and me and Gary try to help when we can.

My question is where is the help from the rest of you? Are you that heartless or do you feel too much guilt to face her?  Gail

6/25/16  I am a little behind on my posts.  A few weeks ago Aunt Sybil and Pam took my mother and Joey to Panama City for a few days.  It was planned that upon leaving they would swing through Destin and knock on Ellen's door.  As they were heading that way, they stopped at Wendy's.  Guess who was also getting out of their car at the same time.  Don, Ellen and Beneta another sister.  Mom had a very unconfortable meeting with two of her daughters that won't have anything to do with her.  The images on the front of the website are from that meeting.  Mom has since been flown back to Dallas for a check up.  She was told she will have to wear the bag the rest of her life.  She still has to go through some type of radiation treatment in Georgia.  

11/18/16 Time is flying by.  We have found out mom has more cancer that has creeped back in her body.  She has chosen not have any chemo.  So far she is doing well.  Joey has taken medical leave to stay with her.  We have re-opened the forgery case against Don for forgery since we found out the statue of limitations was still in affect.  Joey met with the Sheriff's dept and the GBI yesterday.  Mom went in and gave a statement.  So we are moving forward with this.  I just noticed this website is getting about 30 visitors a day.  Interesting!

3/2/17  Well mom has lasted a lot longer than they predicted.  She is very strong.  She had a bad day yesterday but woke up this morning getting dressed to go to the community center to play bingo.  Amazing.